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Catering on a sheet of ice

Last Friday I catered a lunch for an ice driving class on a frozen lake in the mountains. Simple food, lasagne and a salad, but an adventure none the less. As I was pulling into the parking lot, what looked … Continue reading

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Charcuterie follow up

Well, the time has come to taste the Pancetta and the Guanciale (pig cheek).  Drum roll please….the Guanciale is AWESOME! Salty, but not overwhelming, meaty, minerally, wonderful.  There were three cheeks, and they’re just about gone.  We’ve been slicing them … Continue reading

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Catering in sub-zero weather…BRRRR….

As is most of the country, here in Denver we are in the midst of a stretch of brutally cold weather. Yesterday’s high was -2, seriously. But, alas, the people need to eat, so we had to fire up the … Continue reading

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