Burger Night

We did burger’s at the house this weekend, but not just any burgers, I knew I had to step it up. The challenge was thrown down by a wine collector friend of mine to pair a burger with 2001 Caymus Cabernet. A fun task, I assure you. I went with two, just to be safe. The first was a burger that consisted of ground 70/30 Ribeye steak, wrapped in Caul Fat and topped with Smoked Chedder cheese, Smoked Jalapenos, Applewood smoked bacon, and just for fun, a dash of peanut butter under the pattie. The combination with the wine was fantastic, the ribeye steak was more than able to the task of standing up to the Caymus, which is a BIG, BOLD cab to be sure.  But nothing could have prepared us for the tast explosion of the second burger. For that, I used ground Lamb, combined with some Duck Confit that I made last month. I again wrapped it in Caul Fat, then grilled it to medium rare. The toppings for this one were carmalized onions, and a fresh Dijonaise. Now that’s a burger!! Sadly though, it wasn’t as willing in terms of the wine pairing, as the subtlety of the lamb was no match for the vino. Goodbye for now, and remember…
Eat Well, Eat Often, and Enjoy It All

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