Catering for the Masses

I did a party this weekend, it was supposed to be for 70 people, then 50, final head count….38. That’s just how it goes, I suppose. Luckily we don’t order product until we have a firm headcount. The lady that was in charge seemed to think that Cornish Game Hens and Waldorf salad would be ‘Christmasy’, so that’s what we went with. Guess what, the Salmon, and Prime Rib were the big hits, and nobody wanted the Hens…Oh Well…I will tell you that the potatoes au gratin were a huge hit, and so were the Chocolate Mousse Shooters. So I know we’ll use them again. I’ve got another big party this weekend, so you can bet you’ll hear from me next week. Eat Well, Eat Often, Enjoy it All….

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