Catering in sub-zero weather…BRRRR….

As is most of the country, here in Denver we are in the midst of a stretch of brutally cold weather. Yesterday’s high was -2, seriously. But, alas, the people need to eat, so we had to fire up the catering. I had to deliver a mexican lunch to some doctors at a local hospital, and it all went well except for the fact that we couldn’t be outside for very long, or the food would get cold in a hurry. I planned to meet my client at the entrance to the hospital, and we practically sprinted into the building with the food. All went well, and we’re getting geared up for another one tomorrow, in the realitively balmy realms of a 35 degree day.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

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    Well done, you did it well. In any business clients are always first, it’s a good way to maintain your business.