Charcuterie, my new favorite word

Recently I have been reading ‘Charcuterie‘ by Brian Polcyn and Micheal Ruhlman, and I find myself mesmorized by the contents… I’ve done Duck Breast Prosciutto and Duck Confit. Both turned out well for my first try, although the prosciutto was a touch too salty. That seems to be an easy fix for next time… When I went to pick up my hog at the butcher, I asked for all three of the heads that my farmer brought in, and, without pause, they said yes. After some time to think about what/ when we could do with them, I was summoned to TAG restaurant, here in Denver, by Jensen, the chef, who is a bit of an expert on this thing…this thing being…wait for it….headcheese! Now most of the people in America think it’s disgusting, but I had to try it, and I had to try it under the guidance of someone who knew the ropes, enter Jensen. We made two variations, one a traditional, and the other, on the suggestion of my friend Mikey, a bahn-mi style with lemongrass, kafir limes, and other asian style flavors. Both turned out exceptional, if I do say so myself. I also pulled the cheeks out of a hog, salt cured them, and they now hang in my spare fridge, soon to be Guanciale! I can’t wait for that. Also working in the fridge, is some pork belly, cured and rolled into Pancetta. As these things come to fruition, I will let you know the results.
Eat Well, Eat Often, Enjoy it All!

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