Colorado Cheese Festival, day 2

I finished off the Cheese Festival on Sunday, it was concluded with a Grilled Cheese cookoff.  I was pleasently surprised to see that one of the judges was one of my chef instructers from culinary school.  His name is Andy Floyd, he taught me alot, of that I’m certain.  So it was good to see him, and to meet his son.  The event itself, in it’s second year, still needs some organizational work, but overall was an enjoyable enough two days.  I was able to meet a few more artisinal cheese makers, and the one that really stood out was James Ranch, out of Durango Colorado.  The apprentice cheese maker, Amber, was a delight to talk to, and seemed to really enjoy her new chosen profession (she is a former school teacher, and let slip that she enjoyed the company of the cows over the kids).  They served a cheese called Leyden, which is infused with Cumin seeds, delicious.  I highly recommend it if you come across it.  That’s all I’ve got for you this time, but remember what I said…

Eat Well, Eat Often, and Enjoy it All

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