Colorado Cheese Festival

Went to the Cheese Fest today in South Denver, great time, but, wow, that’s a lot of dairy products to put into your belly..
I did end up with some great stuff to bring home, and there were alot that I’d have liked to bring along, but really, how much is too much.
The selections I came up with are …
Marco Polo, from Beecher’s Handmade cheese, they are out of Seattle, in the Pike Place Market. This is a great cow’s milk cheese that they infuse with Madagascar Pepper for a great flavor, kick and finish. I can’t wait to make a beer cheese soup with it.
Another is called, Tyghee, from Star Valley Cheese in Wyoming. This one I found by by smell, as they were browning it in a saute pan. This stuff was so good, we went back for seconds, and thirds, and…well, you get the idea.
The last one I bought was a Goat’s Milk Gouda from Victory Hill Farm in Scottsbluff Ne. Only been aged about four months, but you’d never know it. It has the character of a much older gouda.
If you ever get a chance, try out these cheeses, and always look for the small artisanal cheese makers, they make some pretty cool stuff.
I’m going back tomorrow to try some more, and to be there for the grilled cheese sandwich cook off, should be fun.

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