Wedding Catering

I’m back at it with the blogging, sorry about the huge lay-off. So we did a wedding yesterday, good food, good times, lousy planning on the part of the planners..
We did BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, oven roasted chicken with rosemary and sage, and grilled asparagus. The food, as usual, came off without a hitch, my crew is spot on in they’re execution. The prolems came when the ceremony went 40 minutes longer than expected, and that left only 2 1/2 hours to take pictures, feed 70 people, do the dancing stuff, and then clean up and be gone. It made for a bit of a mad dash through the buffet line, I can aassure you of that. But, as with most events, we managed to get it done, and the bride and groom started their new life together happy.
We’re doing an all Irish wedding on Thursday, look for notes about that on Friday.

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  • cariestones

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